Wednesday, April 14, 2010

‘Twas the Night Before Easter and all through the Yard, the Ribs were a Smokin’ and Johnny’s Sweating Hard!

My husband is having a blatant affair right under my nose…and in our own backyard! Her name is Hasty-Bake and she’s a black eyed beauty and built like a tank. He is obsessed with her and spends hours with her every weekend right after his golf game. He never comes right home from the golf course for me! And now he has my brother Greg thinking that he wants to get this little mistress all to himself back home in Atlanta. Men and their girls…whoops-grills.

Dec20090013 Dec20090014

The guy above in the ambiguously happy dot shorts caresses each rack of sweet, tender baby back ribs and calls them “baby” and “sweet little thangs” and gets me all flustered…he’s talking to a dead pig…not his loving wife! And he’s teaching my baby brother all he knows about the art of seducing a well seasoned Hasty-Bake grill.

Dec20090017 Dec20090021 Dec20090022

John bought the grill at an auction and the very next day consulted with our friend, a big time Hasty-Baker, on how to get started. Every weekend has been a treat as he has prepared succulent ribs, tenderloins, flank steak, etc. for all of us to enjoy. My brother and sister-in-law came to visit for Easter and we just hung out on the deck on beautiful spring afternoons sipping homemade margaritas and catching up while the kids played in the yard. It was a relaxing weekend.

Dec20090032Dec20090019 Dec20090030

My sister-in-law Stacey slurps down a glass of perfection…Dec20090028


Aengus patiently waits for any scraps that may fall to the ground…poor pooch. It will never happen.


The kids were on the local news that day while visiting the park.

Dec20090002 At long last…we enjoy the fruits of their labors. Thanks fellows! (And, no. We do not usually let our nephew dine on ribs and sub-machine guns!)