Friday, February 28, 2014


This is how they do it these days…I guess a simple phone call is soooo 2000’s.  Patrick wanted to ask his sweet friend, Tori, to prom and thought that he could just write, “Prom?” on a piece of butcher paper, hang it from the mantle and ask her over to see it.  Uhm, no said the crafty mom…can I help you on this one? 

I’ve seen the YouTube videos of guys asking girls to prom with songs they have written music to and sing to their girl in English class, Sky diving with a big sign, and our favorite…the guy who fills her room with roses and he’s hiding in the closet, gets down on one knee and asks her to prom.  You only have one prom in your life…let’s make this fun!

I took a sheet of red cor-plast and traced out letters, cut them out and taped red Christmas lights to the back.  Patrick and I hung them up and the rest was up to him.  He did well…a dozen roses and Tori’s friend at the light switch helped to seal the deal…May 17th is the big night!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Church Capital Campaign Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Decorations

After months of meetings, giving out information, asking for donations and praying for big numbers, my church is finished with its capital campaign to “restore to glory” our historic campus.  It was time to celebrate the end of the first phase of fundraising and to prepare for the next…construction!  IMG_2934  I saved the church cut outs I made for our kick off party in October and reused them for the dining table centerpieces.  I added construction tools cutouts to complete the theme.IMG_2937I laundered my own paint drop cloths and used them on the drinks tables along with floral arrangements set in empty paint cans, paint brushes and construction tools scattered about to complete the theme.  The wine bucket was a Lowe’s 5 gallon bucket.

IMG_2938   IMG_2941 

IMG_2942The cooks were clever with a menu board that celebrated the evening’s theme! 


The food table centerpiece was not glamorous but it did get the chuckles and grins as construction tools, were loaded into a used paint bucket.  I draped fabric out of the bucket like spilled paint and scattered more tools along the table.


 IMG_2946  IMG_2948   IMG_2951  

We served cutlery out of quart sized paint buckets!

IMG_2954     IMG_2959 

Our pastor, Fr. John K. Anthony, dressed the part with his personalized authentic hard hat that he proudly wore all night!  Thanks so much to all those who volunteered their time, talents and treasures for this wonderful church!