Saturday, July 18, 2015

Craft Camps 2015 Week Four!

Monday was pillow day!  

The girls painted travel sized pillow cases in bright, happy colors. 

After we finished the cases, the girls created their own decorative pillow and then after a cute back fabric was chosen and stitched on, they stuffed their pillow with fiber-fil.

Wednesday was needle works day and we learned how to stitch some pretty little roses and leaves.

We all relaxed in cozy corners and started stitching on embroidery hoops with a pretty color palette of pink, orange and coral.  In addition to Miss Paige helping with instruction, we also had great help in the morning class from Miss Sophie and and Miss Khaki...couldn't have done it without everyone's help!

 There is something so rewarding about finishing off the first rose to boost a girl's confidence.

On Friday, we got busy creating a quilted tote bag!  

The afternoon girls hijacked my camera and shot pictures of the first victim...I thought it was sweet to see her apprehension dissolve into a smile...and then fiercely proud to model her tote!


Friday, July 10, 2015

Craft Camps 2015 Week Three!

What a week with non-stop adorable crafts!  

Monday was all about terra cotta clay pottery!

We painted pots, made them into gumball machines and mini cacti pots!

Wednesday gave us a fairly huge dose of MineCraft Mania...

we chatted about pixelation, cubism and dove right in painting favorite characters!  
This 'ol gal learned lots about MineCraft!

We painted 4" cubes with 5 favorite characters or a favorite character that stands up.  
They all chose cool things to paint 'cause they are cool kids!

They spent a lot of time on this and it shows how proud they are of their art!

We also made Perler bead pixelated MineCraft charms, key rings and necklaces...I forgot to take pictures except for these cuties!

Decisions, decisions...what character to paint!

Ninjas, Captain America, Cops and cool dudes...very nice!

Mario, creeper, Spider man, morshroom and the Hulk all made appearances!  

Friday morning we painted t-shirts...first with batik relief with gel glue and paint...

and then we pulled out puff paints 

 and fabric pens!

Friday afternoon was a Lilly Pulitzer PowWow with loads of color, 
pattern and a lesson about this creative American clothing icon.

We talked about her use of wild color and how she painted everything to do with her life in Florida and how she launched her resort wear...

and how she was a wild one and always painted her name into every pattern.

Miss Paige helped with her creative talents to show some of the girls how to add color and texture!

The beginnings of beautiful pineapples!

 and learning how to paint the Lilly swirl flowers around a silhouette!

I can't stand the cuteness factor here...look how much fun!

 We talked about how Lilly Pulitzer always paints her name into every pattern...and played "where's the Lilly?"  Can you see it below?!
And how clever of Miss Avery...she painted her own name into her bamboo pattern...can you see it?

What a clever gal!

Here's the results of a productive day!  Can you see her silhouette in the bamboo?

Beautiful flowers on her clipboard and love the silhouette...

 And don'tcha just love Paige's watermelons?  She is so talented!