Saturday, June 28, 2014

Couldn't Be More Proud...

Craft Camp: Day Three! Patriotic Door Hangers

That means there was a bit of canvas prep work before the kids arrived.  

 Today we made patriotic soft sculpture door hangers for the 4th of July and the many other national holidays their families may want to hang them. 
 Lots of attention to the stars and bars, high lights, low lights and outlining.

 We attached a hanging wire and gussied them up with a bow all ready for the nation's birthday...238 years strong!

I had such a great group of kids this first week and will miss them...the learned a lot and I learned an awful lot from them!  Stay tuned for session 2 postings.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Queenie Eileenie's Craft Camp, Session One, Day Two...Mosaic Tiling and Coke Can Flowered Necklace Holders

 This is a great group of kids and they are ready to get crafty!

Wal-Mart is Producing Masterpieces!!

 You can read more about Brendan here.  He was raised in Atlanta and is a self taught artist who's work is now being touted as classic American pop culture.  Wal-Mart no longer asks him to leave the store now that they know that his work is selling like Twinkies moments before they were rumored to disappear from Americanaville forever. 

 The pieces are vibrant and many times have I stared at bottles of Tabasco wondering if I should get 2 or 3 bottles?  You can tell that Brendan is living up east with the huge display of Utz chips, but we won't hold that against the Atlanta native.  My mom's favorite was the Crisco! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Queenie Eileenie's Craft Camp, Session One, Day One!

Acrylic Abstract Art!
What a ball, y'all!  We are creating masterpieces here and learning all kinds of what the word "smooshing" means, that you can use a kitchen spatula to create cool effects and that you shouldn't be afraid of trying to create art!  What a great group of kids!

Queenie Eileenie's Craft Camp