Thursday, February 25, 2010

Embellishing the Beautiful

My friend Sam has a beautiful home that is filled with the things she love.  Every piece has significance to her, or her husband, and there is usually an interesting story to go along with much of it.   She has filled it with pictures of those she loves and I adore the fact that she hangs old and new shots of her grandchildren, her son, husband, family, etc.  It fills a home with history. 

Sam has had these wonderful metal urns with butterflies on them for a while and wanted a face lift for them.  They had been dropped in a recent move and she wanted to be sure we could camouflage the dents but don’t cover up the butterflies! 

So here’s what we did…

The before shot


My good friend and designer, Kade Laws, sells the loveliest dried floral arrangements in her shop in Fort Smith.  They are statement pieces and though the pictures below don’t do them justice, they are fantastic.  So I started with two of them for my base and decided to add on to them to brighten them up for Sam’s room that has lots of spring hued purple, cranberry, gold and green. 


Et, voila!  The after shot. 

It’s not the greatest photo and the arrangement had not been glued down yet, but you get the picture.   To the top I added soft golden twigs with berries, purple lavender and some other wonderfully spiky purple thistle blooms.  I replaced the darker leaves on the bottom with brighter leaves with a yummy velvet texture and even brighter moss for contrast.  I wish I knew the names of these things!  Sam really wanted the arrangement to have things hanging down so I added the curved branch with berries and the other groovy stuff. 


I liked them.  Sam liked them! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hardscrabble Country Club Golf Pro Shop

I just found my old calendar from last year and decided to flip through it one more time before I tossed it. Well, low and behold…today happens to be my one year anniversary of finishing the Golf Pro Shop renovation at our club. 

I never posted pictures of that job and figured I needed to do so…thanks to you, Jeremy Moe, PGA Golf Pro at HCC for helping me out with your pictures.  They are certainly better than the ones I took!  The shop looks great!

Before, during and after shots.  Very dated hunter green and burgundy with worn out carpeting!  We tore out the old carpet, repainted everything including the office and bathrooms to freshen the place up.  The bathrooms received new fixtures and tile floors. 

 kids 553 2009_0224summer080152

The burgundy Formica wrapped desk used to be on the back wall of the shop…we moved it to the front for better member accessibility and service.   The desk was beautifully refinished and we had the counter top re-Formicaed with faux granite.  Looks much richer, don’t you think? 

clubs 057kids 551kids 552

From the back of the shop looking out the front door.  Can’t get enough of the green…the chair rail border in the office was a bear to remove.  I had the best luck in finding the new furniture.  Hold on to your golf caps…the black console table below and the two black stacking tables in the photo beneath that were purchased on clearance at Target last February for a bargain!   The “stacking tables” are actually a kitchen table and a bench seat.  So far, it has held up well!

clubs 074

Our country club has a wonderful history and Jeremy and I rummaged through the attic for old photos, maps and ads and framed them to add more character than the traditional golf art.  We also raided the men’s locker room for old trophies and displayed them.

clubs 056 

Here’s what I love about Jeremy Moe…a serious athlete, husband, dad, friend…and a very good knack for arranging and displaying in his shop!  He’ll say he’s had help from professionals out there, but I know he has seen many a golf shop and PGA shows to figure out how to make your merchandise look smart.

kids 550clubs 059 clubs 060  clubs 058

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reason to Celebrate!!

We had our wrap up meeting for our Celebrate Trinity fundraiser today and we all agreed it was a fun night …and a successful night!  We also got to see the great pictures of the entire event from a very talented and generous photographer in our community - Karen Schwarz of Pictures by Karen.  She really captured the mood of the evening in her shots…it was a really fun party and she got it!  Now you know who to call for your next event that you need to have photographed!

The icing on the cake to this fundraiser is, of course, the fruit of our labors.  What a hard working committee!  Jill Ladd and Julie Hagen agreed to chair this event with only two months left on the calendar to pull it together.  The event raised more than $53,500 for the Adopt a Student Fund for the Trinity Educational Endowment.  That’s a record breaker, folks!  And in THIS economy!

Thanks to our Sponsors and the many people who helped to make this event a huge success.

Click on the pictures below to see the evening!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Celebrate Trinity 2010 Fundraiser for Trinity Junior High School Educational Trust, Fort Smith, Arkansas

I have been busy at work for several weeks with many of my friends preparing the decorations and graphic design for the Trinity Junior High Educational Trust major fundraiser, “Celebrate Trinity.”  The event was Saturday, Feb. 6th in the school’s Activity Center.   The evening was a great success and the committee was very pleased that the auctions did so well, the food was great and the bars (liquor and cigar,) band and bidding kept our guests happy until midnight.  Most of these pictures were taken before the event started at 6:00pm and I didn’t even make it outside to take pictures of the signs, up lighting and cigar bar tent. 

Below is the entryway with the bar set up in the concession stand.  The silvery screen to the right is the sponsor thank you board and the check in table beyond it.  The hallway was lit with mini lights in the windows and around the bar and really set the mood and tone before entering the gym.  We set up pub tables in the area that one housed the silent auction in years past.

Dec20090066 Dec20090062Dec20090060  Dec20090064

We covered up the trophy case with pipe and drape to display some of the live auction items at the front door.

The entry hall from the front door.Dec20090067

The gym bar was set off by red mini lights.  We constructed the table centerpieces from corplast gaming suits, cards, dice and chips and a lot of glitter, chenille stems and mylar.

Dec20090084  Dec20090070

The large stage backdrop of lights made a festive background for the gaming tables in front of the stage.  The gaming tables were cleared out to make way for the live auction and band that were to follow.

Dec20090071  Dec20090075 Dec20090077 Dec20090082 Dec20090013  Dec20090017 Dec20090019 

Food tables before candles and flashing balls were lit and food on table…the blue uplights around the room looked great but not in these pictures!

Dec20090021 Dec20090023 Dec20090025

Table centerpieces were set on top of either a red glitter round base or a blue lame square base.  Programs and sponsor tents surround the setting with votives and chips, cards and dice for the final touch.  The table sponsor name was the crown of the centerpiece…many of the sponsors took these home at the end of the evening.


The beer and wine bar in the gym was highlighted with red accent lighting.


The Silent Auction Area turned out like a sparkling  jewel in the large gym with the icicle underlights and the minilights hung above.  The room looked much more pulled together when the house lights were down!







Dec20090039 Dec20090042 Dec20090044 Dec20090046 Dec20090052 Dec20090054 Dec20090056 Dec20090057  Dec20090073   It was a fun night and it was fun to decorate this!