Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cute Christmas Topiary and a Refreshed Décor!

(my laptop won’t let me type capitol m’s right now!)

my friend has a beautiful home and had just finished setting out all of her Christmas tree lights and decorations on her tree and then gave me a call.  What can you I created this for my friend’s dining room table…it took a while to build, wire, hot glue and, well, you get the picture…it took a while!  I love how it turned out.



Here’s the outcome…right after I took this picture, my camera went kaput, so now I have to figure out how to upload my cell phone pictures onto the laptop to show you the whole table.  Stay tuned!

And I’m back…went out and got a little thing of plastic to insert my tiny memory card into my built in card reader on my laptop!

Sometimes, the simplest thing you can do to spiffy up the house to look more festive for Christmas is to tie one on!  A beautiful bow, that is!  Choose a pattern that compliments your interior and adds some pop to the room.  You know you made the right choice when ever you walk into the room and it makes you smile!


I added some extra ribbon to the garland at the front door for some pop!


Don’t be intimidated by bow tying…lots of video tutorials online to help you out!


Tie them on picture frames and add an ornament and candle to complete the scene…


or tie one around a basket of greenery and add a few ornaments for instant holiday color…


and what’s a bowl of real fruit without some sparkly ribbon and ornaments?!




Now, back to the topiary…here’s his new home on the center of the table!


These are the cutest Christmas plates…four different scenes and dress up or down. 


Santa and snowman salt and pepper shakers don’t have to stand alone on the table!

The tree…


was loved on with gold mesh ribbon, a new tree topper of gold berry twigs and red feather picks, rather than the bow that used to be there.  Large red and gold balls were added all around the tree along with jeweled poinsettia and gold picks to add dimension to the tree.



All these new additions added the the existing ornaments make the tree claim the room!


In the kitchen, a simple ribbon was added to the gorgeous chandelier…it doesn’t need another thing!


The amaryllis arrangement after a visit to the shop…a good cleaning of the petals and greenery, a new two sided bow, Santa in the front and a beautiful jeweled cluster of grapes on the other side gives it new life…still so pretty.  It has found a home on a bed of Poly deco mesh with a small group of ornaments.


And finally, a few ornaments and Santa are placed in cups and on shelves in the cupboards to take in the tree!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Queen’s Scene at Christmas

I repositioned our decorations this year to keep the men in my house guessing (or crazy.) 


Instead of my usual Santa collection, the mantle is aglow with golden tones.


I used the same treasured ribbon that matches my décor and wrapped it around burlap with holly and mini-lights and added a few new ornaments in the gold tones with includes this funky garland of glass stones…it looks more like a necklace than Christmas decoration!


The tree is the same, but this year my 10 year old made 10 tiny holly wreaths to place on our duck decoys…I added more ribbon and lights.




Here are a few of the new ornaments on the mantle.  All from A-Z Store and I will blog about this fabulous place another day!


The must have “Christmas Tree Scent” candle because we have an artificial tree!


Silver bells and reproduction ornament toy that we all like to pick up and play.


Hung by the chimney with care by my favorite elf, Michael!


My childhood stocking was knitted by my Aunt Maucky.


It makes me smile when I walk in the room.


More of the new ornaments…



Ok…not much new on the armoire on the opposite side of the room, but I did take down the old baskets and dusted them off!  That counts for something!


A few changes in the foyer…


The silver scene in the corner of the foyer…looks pretty with candles gleaming!


Gotta dress up the fire starter logs.  Our paper white narcissus are growing so quickly!


Saint Nick’s army takes center stage in the foyer on the credenza.  I layered black and white (my favorite) polka dot fabric with red poly deco mesh and mini-lights to soften it up.  Some of these Santas are from my childhood, like the Coca-Cola Santa and the woodland Santa.  The rest I have collected for years.



my cherished House of Hatton Santas.


This vignette is on top of our refrigerator where the kitchen TV used to live.  He passed away in August at the ripe old age of 13!  I will keep this here until February.


This cutie was a childhood treasure, but had seen better days.  I made a new outfit for him with hounds tooth felt and I hope my brothers and sisters will recognize him!  A few of my urns have new homes this Christmas, too!


I moved the bottle brush trees I made last year to my urns.



Vintage glass ornaments in the dining room,


with my New Orleans funky chandelier,


and my groovy ornaments from the A-Z store…love ‘em!



Have a wonderful Christmas season…make great memories for your kids.  I thank my parents for this lesson…ours were always happy!