Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Sweet Sixteen Scene

My sweet friend Jill was telling me about her plans for a sweet 16 party she wanted to host for her daughter’s  big day. Jill is very talented and always entertains with a beautiful sense of style, so I knew this was going to be a fun party for  her daughter and 24 of her friends.  She had a few craft ideas she wanted to know what I thought about, so I asked her to come to my house and we talked about her plans…then raided my stocks and supplies and began to create what she had been toying with.  Jill had purchased invitations, papergoods and fabrics that she wanted the party to be coordinated with.  We got to work and here are the results…

Jill wanted to line her walkway with candles and she liked the idea of mason jars, so we wrapped the jars with strips of paper and added her daughter’s monogram in the middle.IMG_0797

Here’s the adorable chevron fabric that she based the color scheme for the party.  Love that gorgeous urn on the right…she filled it with ice and drinks.  Jill had a ball planting all of her pots and window boxes…look at this beauty!IMG_0787 

I love the rectangle dinner plates!  I took more of the paper stock and made food place cards and a pennant banner.IMG_0789

Behold Miss Berkeley, the family’s 6 month old Welsh terrier who loved having her family outside with her getting ready for the party!IMG_0790 

I painted the autograph below to coordinate with her daughter’s bedroom.  Her friends and family signed the banner at the party and now she can hang it up in her room and enjoy it.  I made a stuffed canvas birthday hat with burlap trim for Jill to hang up for all the birthdays in their family.

IMG_0792 IMG_0793

The dining area was set up in the carport because the weather report called for rain…Jill used boxwood bushes as centerpieces and put a big monogram on each pot.IMG_0794  

I made the party favor purses to hold custom cookies that Jill had ordered for the guests to take home. Using the fabric that Jill bought to decorate the party tables, I scanned the fabric and added the monogram.


Jill hung the party invitations to tree branches and later added pictures of her daughter.IMG_0800 

A close-up of the wonderful cookies…monogram and the black flower from the party invitation, and the paper party favor purses.   I’m so glad they had a great time at the party…and that the rain stayed away!  Great job, Jill!IMG_0802

Monday, April 15, 2013

Flashback to the Past

I haven’t taken my boys to the doctor’s office together for years…not since they were little!  They both needed sports physicals completed so we scheduled them at the same time.  They will kill me for this post, but it just took me back about 10 years to when they were little guys!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Secret Snacks


I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet for the past 10 months and have two favorite snacks that have really helped me get through the snack attacks.   Because I have chosen to eat a diet higher in protein and cutting out all processed sugar, I enjoy the heck out of my edamame/almond/dried cherries or cranberries mix…it is sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy and packed with protein to keep my tummy satisfied!


Blueberries, Cuties and grapes help with the sugar cravings…but I try to go for the blueberries when I can because of the lower sugar count.  It’s a super food and good for me!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Mom’s 80th Birthday Party

My sweet Momma recently turned 80!  She has had several birthday celebrations and this was the one we held for her on Easter Sunday for family (her big day was the day before) at my sister’s house.


I usually hang pennant banners for parties, but wanted to do something special for Mom.  I cut out pictures of her throughout the years and made party hats this time…it was a hit!  Look at how adorable she is!


Mom and I seem to be color coordinated with each other and the banner…


I added some party color to the living room by adding paper lanterns on the armoire…

and hung more party hat pennants over the bar on the porch…


I made party hat cake pops and truffles and sent them home with family and friends in my ever handy party favor purses…


We all hold our glasses up high in your honor, Mom!  A very happy and healthy 80th birthday!

IMG_0677 IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0702[1] IMG_0703[1] IMG_0710[1]