Friday, October 9, 2009

Profoundly Pink Party!

At last! Peyton’s party day finally arrived and while she was at school all day, her house was transformed into a poofy pink palace. The wind howled through sheets of rain all day and it wasn’t looking promising for the evening’s outside activities. In the meantime, the two old fairies were waving magic wands in every corner of the house to pull it all together. It was a vibrant and happy party for all…click on the pictures above to see slide show. Happy 4th Birthday, Peyton!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's Get this Party Started!

I'm working for a slave driver! Miss Birthday Princess is ready to get to work on the decorations for her party and goes over my list of things to work on today. Here's a peek! We're making a tulle wreath to hang on the front door and will
gather LOTS of the stuff onto a wire form.
Jennifer, Peyton's Mom and my very dear friend, is a self-desribed "artistically challenged"
person. She opts to start with the easy stuff first! She has spray painted the wooden dowels for the princess wands and mini clothespins for our banner. Peyton's job is to spell out her name with the letters for her banner.
We're using plastic Christmas decorations for the top of the wands...
can't have enough glitter for this party.
Oh yes! All princesses look their best when illuminated by candlelight. We glued ribbon onto inexpensive pillars and embellished with rhinestones.
Jennifer was determined to master the glue gun today and did a perfect job assembling the wands with lots of ribbons and bows. Peyton and I are very impressed with her creative skills!!
Jennifer covered a styrofoam ring with tulle and curling ribbon and placed all of her wands in it! It could be the centerpiece...what a great job she did!
Next up...the big day! We're having pizza served on silver trays, fruit wands,
"champagne," and a killer cake! Be sure to come back to check it out!

Is There A Princess in the House???

Pink, Pink, PINK!!! This is my young friend Miss Peyton and she turns 4 today! She has been talking about her birthday party for about 10 months now and now it's time to get glittering pink...isn't that the magic of all little girls birthdays?
Here's all the supplies we will need to transform her house into an explosion of bright and hot pink! The dining room will be fit for Princess Peyton and her royal guests, as well as the kitchen, den and patio.

EVERYTHING will be pink and rhinestones...even the votives. Ruth is hot gluing pink tulle to a votive.

Then adds the bling! Stay tuned for more!

Halloween Decor Galore

Couldn't sleep very well last night so I decided to surf for Halloween are a few from the net. Here's the way things are shaping up for Halloween at our house...

How the Pampered Pooches Celebrate...

So, we celebrated a very low-key, no big deal birthday party for Aengus...which got me thinking, how do others spoil their pooches on their big days?

I sure hope Aengus appreciates his scrambled eggs and bacon!

Aengus Hits a Milestone!

We're cooking up something special this morning for our beloved pup's 10th Birthday! This morning I did something I rarely ever do...cook a hearty and hot breakfast for Aengus' birthday and his human brothers. Patrick and Michael both came running into the kitchen after their morning showers...the smell of bacon lured them out earlier than usual.
Look at that face...he figured, as usual, none of this is for me. I dished up scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for our sweet pup and served it in the birthday bowl.

He snarfed it down in a few minutes and never once came up for air.

Michael and Patrick are just happy to get their share of the meal.

An empty bowl and a full tummy...

so it's back to beddie by for the birthday boy!