Friday, June 26, 2015

Craft Camps 2015 Week Two!

Day One:
This morning's group painted these adorable patriotic Uncle Sam Yard Stakes! I didn't get to take many pictures because we were so busy, but it was lots of fun to dress up our little man...

We painted him as he appeared in WWII ads with the skinny red striped pants.  
Here they are drying before assembly.

and the final product...ready to grace flower pots and front doors in time for July 4th.

This was a fun project and hope they bring happiness to their new homes for year!

Back by popular demand for the afternoon class...more popsicle and ice cream cone door hangers

Love the colors and dots...happiness at the front door!

Day Two:

We made sand and plaster castings in the morning and used seashells.

 The kids created a base then pushed shells into a design into the sand.

Then I came along and poured the plaster into their molds...we placed a wire hanger in it, they signed their names on the back with a toothpick and we let them cure in the sunshine!

 Brooks was the official tester...

Look how well they turned out!

So while the plaster casts were curing, we set out to make some tree bling...that's right, trees need a little sumthin' sumthin' to dangle from their branches every once in a while and these dragon flies are just the thing!  Welcome to Wood Works Wednesday!

 We chose bright colors for bodies and wings...

and let them dry.  Paige sprayed them with a glossy coat of glaze before assembly.

Aren't they fun?!  

In the afternoon class,  we readied our front doors by painting more flag door hangers.  We did these last year and they were requested again.

While the flags were drying, we painted mini-tropical paintings on wood...mostly turtles and pineapples!

They always make me smile!

Day Three: 

Painted birthday plates, beaded vases and serving spoons!

The process of reverse painting on glass takes a few minutes to sink in...I also provided them with a diagram of what to paint and how to layer the paint on to the bottom of the plate .

They are adorable and ready for their family's next slice of birthday cake!

Next, they beaded a glass vase...

 and wrapped a slotted spoon with more bead work.  Sure hope they don't trip on their way out to the car!  What fun we had today!

Lastly, the refreshingly small afternoon class painted a beach scene!

They did a super job on proud!  The girls were pretty nervous about trying this project but after learning how to break down the elements to the scene, it wasn't so scary after all!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

There's Still Room for You at Craft Camp!

Here the revised schedule...we've had two great weeks already.  
Join us for a fun day 'cause we make cook stuff!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Craft Camps 2015 Week One!

So happy to have happy campers ready to get creative!  

The First day we painted ice cream or popsicle themed door's a look.

I guess wearing Chacos is a requirement during the summer...they were watching me spray polyurethane on their banners when I noticed this!

Here's the morning group with Miss Paige...our wonderful and talented assistant!

Now for the afternoon group...

Don't they (and the puppy!) look great?! 

Day two was Way Cool Candles and Soap day + one Father's Day gift...

Making gel candles is fun and easy and the whole house smelled heavenly!

Next up was soap...the kids decorated their liquid soap bottles, then chose scents, colors and packaged them up to give as a gift...or keep for themselves!

Lastly, we painted personalized coat hangers for Father's Day...

Miss Paige helps cut the ribbon for the gift bags...

And here they are with all of their great smelling things!

On the last day we had the Father's Day Factory and made all kinds of things for day!

There were several activities the kids made with their siblings...the collage, pennant banner and treats.  They had to share the task and it went pretty well.  I think the Moms and Dads out there would be pretty proud of them.

Here's a sneak peak...before the bow, of course!

Then they all made cards and wrote personal notes about their favorite things about their fathers...

All four Hadley kids are waiting for their turn to make treats for their Dad!

Nice the John Deere!

Miss Paige helps with decorations (pennant banners) assembly!

Each family went home with a goodie bag for dad that had cards, a picture collage of their family, treats, decorations and a personalized coat hanger!  Score for Dad!