Friday, June 24, 2016

Queenie's Craft Camp Summer of 2016, Week 2

A week filled with whimsical Winged Hearts, Funky Fish, Paper Flowers, 
Abstract Art, and Patriotic Wood Pennant Banners!

Look how cute they look on this set of doors!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sweetest Sixteen!

My friend has this wonderful little "cabin" behind her house in the backyard which was used as the setting for her daughter's Sweet 16 Birthday Party.  Isn't this pretty?  Good stuff was going down inside as well!

The cabin's interior is a perfect space for a craft night and I would LOVE one in my backyard!  It has everything I would want!  It's warm, cheery and cool...just like the birthday girl and her friends!  

We painted monogrammed crests for the girls which were inspired by Pinterest.  

Mom watched on as we listened and laughed to the funny subjects going on in the room...funny girls!

The birthday girl's finished product!  She and her mom are very crafty people and have loads of great ideas and completed projects in the house.

It turned out so well, don't you think?

 We also did a lipstick canvas for know, everyone puts on different 
shades of lipsticks and kissed the canvas?  

We also made little etched glass votives, so I whipped up a copy of the vinyl monogram for the girls to take home...somebody just could't wait and the logo was the perfect size for her cell!

Here's the vinyl laid out on the votive to dab on the cream...


Hope you can see the's hard to photograph, but they looked cute!

 We had soo much fun tonight and they were the nicest group of young ladies...very sweet.

 Happy sweet 16 to Caitlin and thanks for asking me to come paint with you and your amazing friends for your party!  Everyone's turned out so well!