Saturday, September 18, 2010

Custom Invitations…

I create a lot of custom invitations for all sorts of celebrations.  Here are a few from recent events…





and a few years back!




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Monday, September 13, 2010

I love this Idea!

Let us Go My son’s Catholic Elementary school has a wonderful tradition that we parents cherish. In the student’s sixth grade year, they make a crucifix in art class out of branches they cut from their own yard and create the figure of Jesus out of wire wrapped with paper. The students work on this for weeks and when they are completed, our pastor blesses them all at mass. The children bring them home to their families towards the end of their sixth grade year (and final year at Immaculate Conception School) and parents find a prominent spot in which to display.

When our oldest son brought his home from school several years ago, he knew exactly where it would hang…on the bare wall in our foyer that had been reserved just for this crucifix when he entered kindergarten seven years earlier. I have friends who have had many children go through this wonderful school and they have them clustered together as a focal point in entry ways, den and living room walls and up staircases. It always gives me goose bumps to see them displayed!

My friend Daren has a wonderful way to display hers…she just moved into her newly built home several weeks ago and asked me to paint a phrase at her back door…what we as Catholics say at the end of mass…”Let us go to love and serve the Lord.” Her family sees that wonderful statement every time they leave the house. What a wonderful thought! And yes, her daughter’s crucifix is hung next to the phrase!

Better Get Ready for the Boys!

Baby Showers are an exciting time for first time parents…and especially if baby boy twins are on the way! Soon to be mom Kathy is eight weeks away and is, well, radiant and the most beautiful pregnant mama there could be! Future dad Jeff simply cannot wait to meet “his boys.” My friends, Jennifer and Megan, and I threw them a couples shower and used their nursery room colors of turquoise, pear green and brown as the color scheme for this BBQ dinner.


A diaper ring wreath seemed appropriate at the door…glasses of wine were not to far off!


The banner was a clothes line complete with clothes pins, layette essentials for the twins, and baby washcloths. The boys’ names are Luke (Lucas) and Drew (Andrew.)

Dec20090015 Dec20090017 Dec20090021 Dec20090023 Dec20090025

The wine bar included hand painted glasses…

Dec20090031 Dec20090030Dec20090077

and the appetizers table paid homage to Jeff’s devotions to the Razorbacks and golf.


Guests were both inside and out on a tolerable late summer night.


Dec20090103 Dec20090105

And dinner is served…a finger licking good BBQ feast complete with “less than delectable” descriptions of the many joys that parenthood has to offer…


followed by the best petit fours this side of the Mississippi!

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It was a fun evening and we are all excited to watch this couple grow into a family!