Friday, April 27, 2012

Eagle Scout Grotto Project Revisited!

Our son is officially in “waiting” with his Eagle Scout project.  His notebook has been turned over to the Eagle Scout reviewing committee and now he waits for weeks or months as committee after committee take a look at the project to approve.  Patrick asked for a few donated bushes to plant on either side of the grotto and to level out the large pile of dirt that was dug to pour the foundation from his mentor, Frank Sharum/Sharum Landscaping.  Frank is a very busy man and Patrick had made many calls to arrange to get the plants and get the ground smoothed out.  He has been waiting for months.  The Church called yesterday afternoon to say that a Sharum’s Landscaping truck was in front of the grotto and some men were “pushing dirt around.”  I told Patrick I would take a look at the site for him in the morning to see what was going on.  All that waiting paid off…Frank Sharum went above and beyond our wildest dreams…


Sharum installed a large rose garden around the grotto with crepe myrtles, liriope, laurels and fountain grass…included the design around the Zachary Taylor chimney as well.  What was once an ugly patch of land with a chimney on it is now a gorgeous garden complete with a beautiful stone grotto, an enormous blooming magnolia tree, and fragrant with roses to please generations to come at Immaculate Conception Church.



A very big THANK YOU to all who helped with this project…Patrick, his family, Scout Troop, Confirmation class, Church officials and members of IC Church, a very talented stone mason, a very talented landscape architect and his crew, generous community businesses and

the good Lord, Himself!  Praise be!