Sunday, July 31, 2016

Just Some Things I've Been Working On...

In between the craft camps, I actually get some work done! Some of my latest works...
if you see something you would like... go to my Etsy shop @
 and let me make one for you, or better yet, schedule a party with me!  
It's more fun if we make it together!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Queenie's Craft Camp Summer of 2016, Week 4

Chic Shirts and Jewelry, Hog Door Hangers and Pet Portraits!

Whew!  What a fun and busy week!  We crafted stenciled t-shirts and had to learn how to iron the shirts first...

 then they stenciled on the design with fabric paint.

Next up was making mini macaroon pendants.  

Lastly, pearl wrapped bracelets!

University of Arkansas Razorback Door Hangers...just because I had them paint them doesn't mean I cheer for them...see those purple and gold cups on the table?  LSU in this house!

Pet Portraits!

Very popular and can't tell you how proud they were to walk out with this treasure!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer 2016 Craft Camp Week 3!

Beautiful Bugs, Amazing Me Self Portraits and Paper Dolls and Candy Crafts!

 Beautiful girls were skeptical about Beautiful bugs...until they looked at pictures I had downloaded from the internet with some of the most gorgeous colors and specimens they had ever seen...

so they chose one they would like to paint on the smaller wood board and then chose a bug pattern to paint onto the larger's what they came up with!

Aren't they gorgeous?  We used lots of metallic paint on these. 

Amazing Me Self Portraits...

Yikes...Miss Eileen must be really old if she had to explain to most of the girls what paper dolls were!  I think they felt sorry for all the girls in the world who had to play with paper dolls!  I had cut out body parts for each girl and they got busy painting them.

I made a prototype of me for them to see what an articulated paper doll was all about...

and told them to paint one of themselves however they wished.

Next up was their self portrait.  Using an enlarged photo of themselves, they used a window as a light box and traced the main features of their faces.  Below are their images (with one I completed of myself for them to observe.)

And now for the afternoon class!

Candy Crafts!

It all started with sugar...

We started with Skittles and placed it on the canvas and studied shadows, high lights and low lights.  Then they painted...and snacked!

Next was bubble gum topiaries with painted terra cotta pots and lots of hot glue!

and lastly, Tootsie Roll sculptures...just treat it like play dough or polymer clay and craft away!

Let's not forget the fun of making a Skittle hamburger!