Monday, May 26, 2014

Graduation Party Decorations

It wouldn't be a Queenie Eileenie party without a festive pennant and this one has mini mortar boards 

 He's an honor student so I pulled out the Halloween owl and cage and asked, Who's a smartie?
 I filled glass jars with his crap in his room, er...with heis precious keepsakes from his senior year which included lots of golf balls discovered while cleaning his room for our family's visit!

 I printed out lots of pictures from his high school career in sepia tones and hung them from branches in the dining room.  Later on, I will use the pictures for something in his dorm room.

 I dressed up the cherubs on the kitchen counter with mortar boards and bows in school colors...

 and made mini pennants to fill iron urns to bid adieu and bon jour to the new!

We sure had a good time!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Announcing Summer Craft Camp and Artie Partie!

I am so thrilled to introduce my upcoming Craft Camp!  I have spent way too many hours dreaming up fun and creative projects for my students and can't wait for the first session to begin.  I'll be hosting it at my house and will schedule 8 kids per session.  

Crafts + Kids = Lots of Fun!!

and then there's the Artie Partie...

You have the party and let me bring the craft time to'll end the event with an adorable project that you made alongside your friends or family as you spent quality time visiting and getting crafty.  I will provide all materials, inspiration and direction to see the project through.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Door Hangers for Spring and Summer!

 The geraniums were a custom job and is so happy...wish my picture was clearer!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Immaculate Conception Youth Center

Above are the exterior shots of the building with first coat of paint and temporary construction entrances.

 The building was completely gutted, rewired, plumbed and a new floor poured. This is the front facing Garrison Ave.
 Below is the old back garage...blowing on black ceiling paint before the new floor is poured.

 Above is the central part of the building with new plumbing.  
This will be the bathrooms and kitchen area.

 I was asked to do the interior's my idea board (sorry that I can't rotate it)  We chose to go with stained concrete floors, bright color and a more modern looking space for the teens. 
 Here's the color palette.
 New stud framing go in on the newly poured floor.
 And new duct work!
 Before the sheet rock went in, we asked the Life Teen Core Members to help hang Saints medals in the stud work so the building will be blessed for years to come.
 Giving the Core Members a tour of their new digs.
 Youth Ministry Director Chuck Becker calls out the Saint's name from the medals.
 Presenting our medals before they go up!  I had St. Florian.
 The bathroom hallway and kitchen entry walls are up.

 Michael inspects the progress in the worship room.
 Time to see the paint samples...
and it's looking good...this is the new side entry.

More to come!

Monday, May 5, 2014