Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Summer of '17 Start Up!

I'm so happy to share my craft camp schedule for this summer!  I will be offering two classes on June 1 and 2 for very young crafters ages 3-7.  Would love for you or your crafty kid to join me!  

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Baby Girl Shower!

I recently decorated for a surprise baby shower and was happy to create a bunch of paper flowers to set the scene.  I haven't crafted paper flowers in a few years and  it was so much fun to make beauty from plain, flat sheets of paper.

The nursery's colors are coral and turquoise, so we went with that and a touch of cream and gold for the party.

Well, Who'dathunkit?!

I was very honored when a wonderful local publication asked to feature my little business in their April issue of "Do South" Magazine.  I send my thanks and appreciation to Marla Cantrell, Managing Editor and Catherine Fredricks, Owner and Publisher...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sister Act

 Two of my young friends dropped by to work on a project over the Spring Break.  While I was busy making decorations for a baby shower, sisters Kaitlin and Olivia got to work with paint colors.

Olivia wanted to paint a heart and her sister suggested I teach her how to paint an ombre we chose pink and got to work.  Here Olivia dries her gold polka dots.

Ta-da...ready to hang!

Kaitlin is preparing a cross for a class project...most of her classmates will turn in stained wooden crosses or a cross crafted from natural branches, but she wanted to paint a cross her grandfather made her just for this special project with bright, cheery flowers to match her room.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Funny Bunny!

Here is my sketch after filling it up with spring time posies!

I cut out the image and made a second shape with a bent ear and got to work...

and the finished product!  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

'Twas the Week before Mardi Gras...

and I'm pining for the scent of Sweet Olive delicately wafting through the air, hearing "Carnival Time" pumping loud and clear on every local radio playing in the car, bar or drugstore, and the thunder of St. Aug's band marching down the Avenue.  Sigh...soon enough!

I sketched these sillies last week in my anticipation...hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Put Some Spring Near Your Front Step!

Well now, let's see...we have only had 2 fires in the fire place this rare and wild warm I'm taking down all the winter and snowmen decorations down and slapping some fun color up on my door.  Have loved seeing a revival of blue and white and pagodas in pictures from markets in Atlanta and  Highpoint, along with the ladies I follow on Instagram, so I thought I would give it a try!  Love how both turned out.

They're on my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mardi Gras Musings...

I have been tickled beyond belief with all of my Mardi Gras Door Hanger orders and designs and wanted to post.  

They make me happy, my customers happy and now I can't wait to get to New Orleans to see some of them in person!  This King Cake Baby has been fun and one customer asked me to put a fleur de lis on I gave him a little chest tat!

This jester cap and mask makes me giggle with its Krewe doubloons, beads and crowns... 

 and my huge monograms in Mardi Gras purple, green and gold...

Monday, January 9, 2017

Family Affair!

My friend, Lana, gifted to her daughter, sister in law and nieces an evening at Queenie's to paint door hangers for Christmas! Only one niece chose to do a winter themed hanger...the rest were summer themed and I found that amusing! 

There were mason jars, my colorful daisy in striped vase,

and this precious camper...she knew exactly what she wanted to do here 
and executed her own design.

Look how adorable and well they all turned out! Lana painted something to hang in her craft room for inspiration.  See that picture below... Love this!   Now, the cup of hot chocolate in the middle was the winner that keeping with the winter theme, it snowed that night and we all had a snow day the next morning!!

Lana sent me a picture of her sign in her craft room...and the gate on the wall?  It came from her childhood home and she wanted to save it forever.  AWESOME idea!  

Welcome to My Mardi Gras World...

 Just moments after I have wrapped the last Christmas present and stashed it under the tree and have finished the dessert for our Christmas Eve dinner, the orders start to ping their way into my Etsy account.  

Louisianans never get depressed about taking down their Christmas decorations, because they are eager to put on their Mardi Gras finery for carnival season...I am blessed to have this to look forward to every year and it brings joy to my heart to get these painted and shipped out!  

Here's what's cooking...

a stately single initial royal sign...

and a lovely monogrammed hanger...

I featured a version of this jester mask a few years ago in my Etsy Shop...have given it a makeover with Mardi Gras beads, crowns and doubloons...

I included large New Orleans Krewe names on the doubloons.

 and lots and lots of King Cake Babies...small...

 and huge!

 And, a few of these...

Love is painted into every one of them...can't ever have enough purple, green and gold!
And, yes...I decorate my house for Mardi Gras on the afternoon of January 6th after I have taken down all the Christmas decorations in the morning, kissed that baby Jesus and put Him back in his place in the attic...He remains in my heart each and every minute of the day.