Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aengus Hits a Milestone!

We're cooking up something special this morning for our beloved pup's 10th Birthday! This morning I did something I rarely ever do...cook a hearty and hot breakfast for Aengus' birthday and his human brothers. Patrick and Michael both came running into the kitchen after their morning showers...the smell of bacon lured them out earlier than usual.
Look at that face...he figured, as usual, none of this is for me. I dished up scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for our sweet pup and served it in the birthday bowl.

He snarfed it down in a few minutes and never once came up for air.

Michael and Patrick are just happy to get their share of the meal.

An empty bowl and a full tummy...

so it's back to beddie by for the birthday boy!

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