Sunday, March 28, 2010

Waaaiit! Easter is NEXT weekend???

Things have been pretty busy around here for the last 3 months. I have obviously lost all track of time… John and I were talking about how busy our April is shaping up. First we start with Easter and your brother and sister-in law coming to town next weekend and then…WAIT, what? It’s not in two weeks but next week?

After I blew out the light from yanking the chain too hard, I fumbled in frustration in the creepy dark attic for the Easter box of decorations and hauled it down and got to work.


I’ve had this hand painted ceramic bunny for as long as I can remember…my Mom dated the egg with 1965. The ceramic eggs were made by Texas ceramist Jenna Hawkins. Below, my wonderful iron French waiter serves up a platter of jelly beans.

Dec20090019 Dec20090025Dec20090023 Dec20090027

Here’s the secret not this look…I placed a smaller clear vase upside down in the largest one filled the vase up with malted milk eggs…they were only going to fit if I pushed the smaller vase close to the side of the big one. I sat another smaller clear vase on top of the upside down one and put the tulips in, put a few more malted milk eggs in and hot glued the Peeps around the rim.

Dec20090037 Dec20090033 Dec20090047

I love using cloches and my petite Herend bunny and Limoges egg fit perfectly in this small one.

Dec20090053 Dec20090043

I painted these paper mache eggs last year and speckled the smaller ones.


Sam’s had these gorgeous hydrangeas this week.

Dec20090061 Dec20090063

Glass eggs in bowl with split peas…

Dec20090065 Dec20090069 Dec20090071 Dec20090073 Dec20090079


  1. oh what fun!!! love Love LOVE your easter decor. i wanna come over!!! (p.s. your sis ellen sent me here, so i'm not some random crazy. crazy yes, but not random.) anyway, good stuff. can't wait to have a look around!