Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations: Reposition ‘Em for Renewal!



I have been decorating homes for Christmas the last several weeks and have been coated in glitter!  It is always fun to see what treasures people hold dear for their trees and homes at Christmas time.  I most love the stories about ornaments that were made by their children, or by themselves when they were children.  Rarely do I find a story about ornaments or decorations that were past down from grandparents, etc.  But when this does happen, I try to imagine the time, effort, and love that was put into them…those are the real gems of Christmas!  IMG_0516 - Copy

Last year I wrote about the mostly new decorations that my friend Jennifer and I prepared for her home. Here’s the link: Candy Colored Christmas. She asked me to style her house again and this time I repositioned the decorations a bit to keep it interesting.  I created a new spray for the front door using these flat ornaments so she can actually close her storm door…it only allows for about 4” of space!


The Nutcrackers came outside to guard the front door.


The Nativity rests on the new console by the front door


What do you do with a large mirror?  Wrap it up like a present (Jennifer’s idea!) or hang a wreath, or hang large, flat ornaments


The snow globes are in the same position but this year on an under lit snowy ground…with pink trees


Christmas confection glass ornaments take center stage on a cupcake candelabra


Glittery ornaments in apothecary jars were moved from the mantle to the sofa table

IMG_0507 - Copy

Easy ways to embellish for the holidays….RIBBON!!

IMG_0505 - Copy

More ribbon…


The Mardi Gras beads Christmas tree was moved to the kitchen counter and gives it a real pop of whimsy


I moved the yummy wreath to the mantle and added a garland to soften up the bare mantle

IMG_0512 - Copy

I flocked it to let the bright colors really stand out, then added ornaments and curled pipe cleaners


Last year’s tree had a silver spray coming out of the tree.  This year features large glittered balls


These groovy painted canvas stockings were hung by the staircase with care


and lastly, the cute snowman ornament found a new home in the lantern with a few more glitter ball ornaments.

Change your decorations around your house this year…you will be surprised what a big difference it can make!

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