Sunday, February 20, 2011

There’ll be Trouble, for Sure!

If, and when, my boys ever get wind of this post, I’ll be in for it!  I promised I would not post these pictures from Scout Sunday, 2011.  But, I’m just so proud of them and all of the work they do for such a great organization.  I’m proud of the parents who volunteer to lead their troop and den and all of the cool things they get to do.  Scouting makes a huge difference in the lives of young adults and I am grateful I am a mother of a Boy and Cub Scout!




Michael and den members post the colors


Patrick and friend John change out uniform epaulets on new Scout Troop member as their Scout Leader, Chip Marrin, looks on.


The Scout Sunday Crossover Ceremony for Pack 3 Webelos to Troop 380 BSA


L-John, Patrick and Carson with their elementary school principal, Mrs. Sharon Blentlinger

R-Patrick and a few members of Troop 380 at the crossover ceremony

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