Monday, August 1, 2011

Fiesta Pool Party!



So what if the temperature was a steamy 105 degrees that day, Madison and Lydia had a cool in the pool Fiesta Splash party with all their friends. We chose vibrant colors for the invitation and to liven up the Country Club space.

Fiesta Party

IMG_2617  IMG_2618

IMG_2728  IMG_2660

IMG_2614  IMG_2625

The twins asked their friends to help them sponsor a young lady their age with similar interests in lieu of gifts.  Wild colors adorned the cake and cupcakes!


Table decorations featured bright balloon flowers on top of fun Michael Miller patterned table toppers.  The thank you goodie bags.

IMG_2742  IMG_2637

The groovy colors seemed to match the twins bathing suits perfectly!  Refreshing frozen Shirley Temples and Coke.


Taco bar with all the trimmings were just right for hungry kids.



After the swimming and dinner, the kids went wild for the water balloon war and giant hamster ball.

IMG_2669 IMG_2670


IMG_2677  IMG_2680

IMG_2691  IMG_2695

IMG_2703IMG_2714  IMG_2717

IMG_2730  IMG_2731


Bright helium balloons and fiesta flags, 40 kids and lots of water, yummy tacos and sugary treats made this a rockin’ party!

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