Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Décor Galore!

Every since the discovery of Pinterest, women are going crazy pinning desirable custom designs and decorations onto their bulletin boards with ideas they would love to try in their homes for Christmas time.  I sure do!  If you haven’t visited this great resource tool, you are missing out.  Literally millions of ideas can be searched from Christmas decorations to recipes to homework sites…think of it as your computer’s bookmark on steroids…you get to see everything with pictures at your fingertips in seconds instead of searching through each bookmark.  I have bulletin boards for all of my “Queenie” work, boards for recipes, favorite quotes, black and white décor, etc.  The sky is the limit!  It is a wonderful gift! 

A friend just moved into a new home with a color scheme that doesn’t match her traditional Christmas decorations and gave me a jingle to help.  She loves leopard print and has very traditional tastes…and would like a more sophisticated look for the holidays.  Not too fluffy and overdone. Did I mention her family room walls are orange and all of her decorations are red and gold?  Let’s take a look!

IMG_4272 20110399

Front Entry: I stripped off the old gold ribbon and white poinsettias off of her garland and trimmed with red and green poly deco mesh, gold and red balls and leopard ribbon.  I showed her a Pinterest picture of a cedar covered initial with a red ribbon and she loved it…so I made one just for her with a red leopard ribbon.

20110401 20110403 20110405

The Foyer: a great chandelier before…



and after


My client has a beautiful crystal rose bowl collection and I used them throughout.  Here is the table in the foyer with a piece of gold satin, glitter trees and a crystal rose bowl.


Dining room before…


and after…check out that huge crystal drop!  The chandelier ribbon is not quite red, not quite green and not quite orange…but it compliments the reds of the entry and the oranges on the connecting family room.  Christmas décor does not have to be berry red and kelly green, but should compliment the room!  They don’t have to be red or green at all…how about lime green and turquoise!

20110441 20110444

The dining table with lots of candles and crystal…another idea we both liked from Pinterest!  The buffets hosts the rest of her rose bowl collection filled with red and gold ornaments, a garland with glitter and beaded balls in gold, orange-red and brown balls, gold runner and beautiful red and gold stripped ribbon to pull it all together.


The china cabinet just needed a few ornaments to join in on the festive look

20110448 20110449

The Family Room: It really is a great shade of orange…the pictures don’t do it justice.  A bold red and emerald green just looked wrong in the room, so I used a bold persimmon orange and moss green on the tree and added orange a few other pieces that will give the tree enough of the complimentary colors of the room.  The family will decorate the rest of the tree this weekend with their ornaments and will edit out the blue red ornaments that compete for attention. 

IMG_4260 20110424

The Mantle: A treasured Fontanini Nativity scene deserved the entire mantle, so I built up a base and covered with burlap after decorating the garland with a beautiful ribbon with the room’s colors in it, gold ribbon and copper rope.  

IMG_4263 20110413

20110415 20110418 

2011041920110410 20110420 20110422


The Kitchen: not much was needed as it is an open part of the family room, so, I pulled out the red leopard ribbon and got to work!

 20110427  20110429

The Library: more red leopard ribbon on the stocking hooks and more of the rich red and gold striped ribbon.

IMG_4259 20110430

 20110432 20110433

A few finishing touches that are super easy…put extra ornaments in a bowl and add snips of left-over ribbon.  Tie a bow on a pillow for a sense of whimsy!

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