Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mom Stalkers

Cotillion season has arrived and parents were given strict instructions…no entering the building until you are told you may come in.  Yes, ma’am! So imagine a line of moms (and a few dads) taking turns to peek into the only available window to see how are little men and women were doing with all these manners, learning to dance and then snapping a few pictures for grins?  They all looked so nice and most had big smiles! 

 20110021The first time you see then all dressed up, it’s breathtaking…and depressing!  How did 12 years go by so quickly? 20110022Thankfully, they were all happy to pose in their jacket and suits with their friends…just don’t ask for a picture of a boy and girl together!

20110013And as luck would have it, my kid is the one with his tongue sticking out!20110024

Some were too cool for school, but…


all of them were ready to bust a move and get out of their monkey suits!

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