Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flag Flyin' Fun!

My sister wanted to host an Artie Partie for her friends when I visited Atlanta and we had such a good time!  They all wanted to paint my soft sculpture flag door hangers as the 4th of July is upon us...s we broke out the red white and blue bottles and got to work!  My other sister came along for the fun, too!

After lots of visiting and checking out what's going on with our children (and especially how fast they grow!), we have adorable door hangers for the 4th, Labor Day, Columbus, Veterans's and President's Day!

We also painted flag plates for holiday goodies...well, more like we were going to paint these until I realized I forgot to paint the red and white paint!  So I did these for the girls and now they can serve whatever they wish or display it.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

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