Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Craft Camps 2015 Week Five: Cooking, Day Two- Entrees and Etiquette!

Day two of Cooking and a Craft Week started with a brief lesson on guest manners.  We started off with our craft and painted and decorated chalkboards to take home to use as menu boards, family greeting boards or for whatever the kids wanted to use it for!

Today we made chicken spaghetti to take home for the family to sample. They learned how I was taught my my Italian great aunt how to know when your pasta is ready!

and how to drain pasta...

 and how to chop veggies...

and how to know if your mixing bowl is too small...

 and how to toss all the ingredients!

While the spaghetti was baking, we made our snack...PF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps!

Trust me...I heard all the gripes and complaints about how yucky garlic and onions are, how gross Hoisin Sauce smells and how, "I'm not eating that, Miss Eileen."  But we have a rule have to try one bite unless you are allergic because it's rude to the host...and you never know, but you just might like it.  

This one was skeptical...

See this chickie in the purple tank...she would rather die that smell an onion or garlic.  But she had to obey the rule and she tried a bite...then came back for 4 more servings!  It's that good!

The Chicken Spaghetti just came out of the oven and they were crazy for the aroma! 

 The afternoon class was just as eager!

Making chalkboards are fun...have you ever tried it?

She may look like a finicky eater, but trust me, she's a glutton for Chicken Lettuce Wraps!  Her family made them for dinner the next night!

You can, too!  Try out these recipes:

Check out these chalkboards!

Great times with gregarious girls!  Love them!

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