Monday, June 20, 2016

Craft Camp 2016 - Week 1

Week #1 is in the books and it started with a birthday theme.  The girls made my birthday hat pennant banners and had fun cutting out huge faces of their family to decorate and string up. 

Afterwards, they painted a cheery Happy Birthday sign to hang in their homes when the big day comes around.  These will be cherished forever!

The next project was swanky silhouettes and we started by getting the lights just right and taking pictures of their profiles.  I cut out their profiles on my Cameo Silhouette machine and then we made a fun mess with water and colorful fingernail polish to create a groovy marbleized paper look on the thin plastic cut out.

Then we used the reverse cut out to create these on canvas.

And lastly, we whipped up these adorable thank you notes for the girls to take home!

Friday was Father's Day workshop and we created these wood trays with 
racing stripes for Dear Old Dad!

We also made a cooling summertime shaving gel...

and to make the day complete...Kahlua Bars and Old Fashioned Brownies.  

and when you have Bennie in the class, you have to have some reference to MineCraft or Star Wars...light sabers?

 Happy Father's Day to our campers dads and dads everywhere!

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