Friday, December 30, 2016


What's the process on some of my designs?  Let me walk you through it!  My friend wanted to give a special gift to her friend that would celebrate her Farm/Lake house.  She said she liked the illustration I did on this year's Christmas card and wanted to use something like that on a sign that would have a picture on it with the family's name...

Here's my 2016 Christmas card that I painted with acrylics...
and here is the sketch she sent with how she would imagine it to look.  She also sent the picture of the meandering path to the lake in an autumn setting pictured below.

I sent back to her a cleaned up version of the sign and asked her to choose which she liked better...

 She chose the bottom sketch.  With watercolors, I colored in the sketch with how I would like to paint it, choosing a summer scene rather than autumn.  The picture looks inviting!!  This is a lake somewhere in Oklahoma.

Here's the final product and I am happy with it.  
I love the challenge of a custom order and hope her friend enjoys it! 

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