Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nicholas didn’t come for me!!

I woke up this morning to the smell of hot pizza wafting across the house to tickle my nose rather than my usual coffee.  Huh?  My son was nukin’ his “pre-breakfast” at 8:00am.  Yuk.  He had his friend spend the night and I made my apologies to his friend and his mom about the state of my house before he got in our car to come over!  When I prayed my rosary yesterday, I asked God to please help me with patience during this Christmas season and to not feel terribly overwhelmed.  After all, He IS the one who blessed me with a talent and a curse…being artistic AND ADHD all in one body.  But He did that to all artists throughout history, so I guess this little pity party is over.  I asked Him to let St. Nicholas do his magic on me and forfeit the candy for the kids and just make this mess of a house Christmas pretty for me!

Here’s what I woke up to… 


Yup…the boys had been taken care of and the house is still in creation shambles.  Aengus the pooch gives me his adorable good morning smile as my oldest ignores me and munches his pizza while playing X-Box…the blob on the sofa and floor are my youngest and our friend. 


Starting one project in one room, leaving it to get supplies from another room and starting an entirely new project in that room while forgetting the one you just walked away from is what it’s all about!  I am the Queen of Chaos today…winning this self imposed title hands down!  Here’s the proof…


Little messes everywhere…I am in the middle of 5 projects right now and they are all scattered about with the decorations I pulled out earlier in the week. 

Dec20090019   Dec20090003  Dec20090005 Dec20090007

I DID manage to finish some projects this week…I make two more stockings for my boy’s bedroom doors and


forced myself to finish the decorations our foyer.


Today is going to be a busy day…first thing is the boys want me to make our traditional gingerbread muffins with amber sauce for St. Nicholas Feast day breakfast, so I had better get started! 

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