Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Candy Colored Christmas

Delicious is the only word I can come up with.  My friend Jennifer hired me to restyle her Christmas decorations and after hours spent shopping, crafting, painting, etc., it has all come together with an explosion of color. 


Jennifer has collected Christopher Radko ornaments for years and I based most of the color scheme from the colors found in his collection…bright and shiny pops of color.  I wanted to make this personal for Jennifer and she adores leopard print and a hot fuscia pink.  So here we go. 

Remember the stockings I stitched up on my post, “An ADHD Morning?”  here are the results. 


Predictable, huh?  Jennifer’s stocking is yummy with pink leopard, glitz and glam.  She went crazy over the tassel fringe we found at Hobby Lobby, so it had to be on hers and it also became the “bell” at the end of the girl’s elf shaped stockings.  The stocking on the right is for her oldest daughter, who also loves color and animal prints.  You can’t see it very well in these pics, but there are sprinkles on copper glitter on Jennifer’s stockings and light pink on her daughter’s.  The chocolate brown stocking below is for her youngest daughter.


Jennifer’s husband, Sean, has to be considered into this sea of pinkness.  He is an avid fly fisherman and that  got me thinking…it kind of, sort of looks like speckled trout…maybe?  Maybe he will appreciate the manly fur!


All lined up in a row…

Nov20090096 Nov20090100  

The finer details…


Now, onto the rest of the house…


At the top I placed tinsel and glitter ball stems, wove poly deco mesh ribbon in lime green down the tree and used her daughter’s poufy ballerina skirts under the tree as a tree skirt.  We found these wonderful velour covered hot pink wire poinsettias that really added the “zing” to the tree.  It’s definitely a Jennifer tree!

Thanksgiving 2009009

And here are the leopard spot ornaments we painted and tied up with zebra ribbon…


The Radko inspired tree was made with Mardi Gras beads…and the fuzzy picture below of the bottle brush trees that were bleached and dyed with jewel toned colors and beaded with more Mardi Gras beads.  I painted a base of white paint on a lime green glass paint, added pearlized tinsel as snow and glued the trees on top.


The glass apothecary jars on the mantle are filled with jewel toned bows, miniature silver packages with a strand of hot pink ribbon woven in between, brightly colored candy canes and pink, green and silver shiny and glittered Christmas ornaments.  The small cloche in the center has a hot pink and green ornament. 


A closer look at the tree skirt…

Thanksgiving 2009008

Always attracted to pink, Jennifer loved these pink bottle brush trees and we hot glued them into clear glass candle sticks.  You could do the same with big, chunky ornaments.


This Santa on the entertainment console once graced the top of their tree…now he guards the house to see who’s naughty or nice!

Now, if you will follow me into the dining room…


I hung silver baby and mint julep cups and baby flatware from hot pink ribbons for a break from all of the ornaments in the room an then fluffed up poly deco mesh in the middle.  A silver bowl is loaded glittery ornaments below.

Nov20090142Nov20090144 Nov20090188

A giant nutcracker stands guard in the corner.Nov20090140

The server features Jennifer’s collection of Radko and Neiman Marcus water globes with the Joy plates made with micro fine glass beads.



Simple ornaments hang in front of the mirror


The entry and banister offers more traditional colors to compliment the 6 foot nutcracker by the front door.


Traditional red and green with a touch of whimsy in the zebra and cheetah print ribbon.


The huge mirror in the pool room is adorned with the colorful wreath I made a few weeks ago…the picture below does not do it justice!  A few ornaments scattered on tables bring the wreath’s colors to other parts of the room.

Nov20090158Nov20090154Nov20090156  Nov20090164     Nov20090202Nov20090184

Jennifer’s kitchen bay window look cozy with the bottle brush wreaths.  Notice the purple tent and chairs outside from the window? 


They hosted a tailgating party that night for the LSU-Arkansas game and the house was a glow in the bright colors from the Christmas decorations, purple and gold from the LSU fans and red, white and black from the Arkansas fans…all in all, a very colorful scene!



  1. I JUST found your blog while looking for pink christmas ideas and WOW! What a fab makeover! Traditional and funky all in one. KUDOS!!

  2. You're very talented! Love the Christmas decorations!

  3. how did u make the bead tree weour over flowing with beads and would love to recycle them!!!!!

  4. It was easy...just get a styro-foam craft cone in the size you want. Choose the color beads you want and cut them at the fusion point. I laid out the beads in the color pattern I wanted.

    Pre-measure your strand of beads to determine how much you will need to wrap it around the row and snip off the rest. Use a hot glue gun and start a strand of glue from the bottom of the cone. Carefully press the beads into the glue/foam and wait a few seconds for it to stay in place, then keep going! You will want to trim lengths of beads shorter as you go up the cone. Good luck!

  5. Love the pics thanks for all the ideas, you are really talented