Thursday, February 25, 2010

Embellishing the Beautiful

My friend Sam has a beautiful home that is filled with the things she love.  Every piece has significance to her, or her husband, and there is usually an interesting story to go along with much of it.   She has filled it with pictures of those she loves and I adore the fact that she hangs old and new shots of her grandchildren, her son, husband, family, etc.  It fills a home with history. 

Sam has had these wonderful metal urns with butterflies on them for a while and wanted a face lift for them.  They had been dropped in a recent move and she wanted to be sure we could camouflage the dents but don’t cover up the butterflies! 

So here’s what we did…

The before shot


My good friend and designer, Kade Laws, sells the loveliest dried floral arrangements in her shop in Fort Smith.  They are statement pieces and though the pictures below don’t do them justice, they are fantastic.  So I started with two of them for my base and decided to add on to them to brighten them up for Sam’s room that has lots of spring hued purple, cranberry, gold and green. 


Et, voila!  The after shot. 

It’s not the greatest photo and the arrangement had not been glued down yet, but you get the picture.   To the top I added soft golden twigs with berries, purple lavender and some other wonderfully spiky purple thistle blooms.  I replaced the darker leaves on the bottom with brighter leaves with a yummy velvet texture and even brighter moss for contrast.  I wish I knew the names of these things!  Sam really wanted the arrangement to have things hanging down so I added the curved branch with berries and the other groovy stuff. 


I liked them.  Sam liked them! 

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