Monday, May 17, 2010

Digital Decorations…

I received a text from a fellow junior high mom that she was just told that she was in charge of table decorations for the 9th grade graduation reception and they didn’t have a lot of money. Oh, and she needs to make about 30 of these!

I’m all for not spending lots of bucks on decorations and then recycling them whenever possible. There’s so much waste on something that most people won’t even remember an hour after they had to sit there and look at it for 60 minutes… much less the following year.

Paper and cardstock are great options for decorations and especially if your school will help you with the printing and maybe even the manpower to cut out the shapes and images, gluing things together and assembly line production from careful students.

I suggested that they reuse some clay pots the school had spray painted silver and make an accordion pleated sleeve from cardstock to camouflage. I created a mortar board and diploma from paper and hot glued them to skewers found at Wally World. The pic below was just a prototype but I included the school’s logo, the class year, etc. and made each one two sided. I also took chenille stems and twirled them around a pencil and took shredded paper and used to cover up the pot. The skewers are anchored in the pot with newspaper.


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