Monday, May 17, 2010

Their Little Place in the Country…Updated!

I’ve spent the last several months updating the Elwood’s wonderful home in the country…it sits on a pond nestled in between the rolling hills. Horses graze in the fields, two ducks hang out around the house and the main entertainment is watching the bird feeder outside the kitchen table window. So peaceful…and a bit outdated! They have lived here for more than 15 years and were ready to make some changes. Joe has some great ideas about what he wanted to accomplish with colors and we put the color wheels into motion.

Here’s the den before…


and after. The country red fireplace is a Joe original…don’t you think it makes the room?! The room looks larger with a cleaner palette. Joe wanted to showcase his many pottery and wood carving collections in this room. He loves to go to auctions and he found great pieces to secure them.

Dec20090027Dec20090035 Dec20090032Dec20090033 Dec20090029

The new leather furniture is very comfortable…we’re still looking for an additional accent chair and pillow fabrics. On the walls: Benj. Moore 1039 Stone House.

Dec20090025 Dec20090034 Dec20090036 Dec20090037 Dec20090042 Dec20090039

Meet Shuma, the Elwood’s 17 year old cat. He’s modeling his favorite pose!

Dec20090044 The kitchen houses a lot of American oak pieces in the cabinetry and furniture. Not easy to find complimentary colors!


We think Benj. Moore Honeymoon is the perfect solution! New window treatments, lighting hanging Laura and Joe’s Fiesta Ware on the wall makes the room come alive.

Dec20090049 Dec20090051 Dec20090055Dec20090095 Dec20090054Dec20090047Dec20090057Dec20090069Dec20090059Laundry room and now that I’ve left the room, Shuma starts looking around for me!Dec20090045

The powder room…


and the master bedroom…sunshine yellow keeps them up at night!!


Now they enjoy a relaxing room with Benj. Moore HC#146 Wedgewood Gray on the walls, beautiful linens on the bed and silk curtains on the windows.

Dec20090093Dec20090102 We’re still working on the rest of the rooms…it takes time to get out to the country!

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