Thursday, November 4, 2010

A BIG Thank You to the Chicken Man!

Over the years, I’ve been told that if you’ve ever been invited to a Russ Bragg meal, you must GO!  He’s a great chef, a great dad and is known in these parts as the “Chicken Man.”  He works for OK Foods, a Fort Smith based poultry products company, and is a busy guy.  Russ has been a loyal volunteer at Trinity Junior High over the past years and has cooked and fed many of us delicious meals from OK Food’s MASSIVE grill and smoker rig.  It’s quite a sight to watch him commandeer the activity of preparing hundreds of pounds of barbequed chicken and meats, instructing his kids and volunteers in what to do next with smoke blowing all around them, and all this with his favorite music cranking out from the superior sound system on the rig. 

Russ’ youngest child, Anna, will graduate from Trinity this year.  That’s a bummer for those of us who have been spoiled by him.   His son Will, who graduated from Trinity last year, plays football for the Southside Rebels.  Guess who’s preparing all that fabulous barbeque for the thousands of fans who will come out for the famous Southside vs. Northside football game this weekend?  Yup.  He and friend, John Hagen, also a Trinity parent and all around good guy, started up the smokers at 5:00 am this morning to get the food ready for the crowd AS WELL AS cooking the meat for the Trinity Buffalo Blast fundraiser, “Hillbilly Hoedown.”

So, on behalf of the Buffalo Blast committee, Trinity Jr. High would like to tell Russ thanks for all your hard work and support to the kids, the school and our bellies over the years!  We really appreciate you!


(L-R) John Hagen and Russ Bragg


Russ and John in their “Trinity Buffalo Approved” 100% A-OK aprons, the Buffalo Blast’s thank you to them for cooking for us!


Here’s the massive grill and smoker rig…and behind it is another huge smoker!  If only computers could let you smell this scene!!

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