Sunday, November 21, 2010

November is for Thanksgiving

Yesterday a dear friend told me she was so disappointed when she set out last week to find something pretty to put on her Thanksgiving table.  She is hosting an early dinner for her husband’s family today and they have much to be thankful for this year.  She said she went to all of local stores in town where you would normally find decorations and she found nothing, nada, zip.  She said she found a few Halloween decorations on clearance, but everything else was Christmas.  So I offered to bring to her a few of my things to put on her table and told her I would deliver them. 

My son and I noticed, as we drove to her house in a huge neighborhood, how many yards were already decorated for Christmas.  We saw lots of homeowners out and about in their yards and on their roofs putting up holiday lighting, tying red velvet bows on wreaths and garlands, pushing snowmen and Santa signs into the earth to wish us a “Happy Holiday!”  Her street has 10 houses on it…5 of them were ready for St. Nick!  As we pulled up to my friend’s house, my son said, “I’m so glad they still have a pumpkin and Thanksgiving decorations at their door…it’s not even turkey day yet!”  AMEN TO THAT, BROTHA!

What’s the deal, AMERICA?  I laughed when another friend of mine posted on Facebook pictures she took of her neighbor’s Christmas decorations up and ablaze on Nov. 3rd.  What’s the rush, people?  Take time to enjoy the season we’re in.  We have a rule in my house…NOVEMBER is for Thanksgiving.  DECEMBER is for Christmas.  I wonder if they pull out the Easter stuff on Mardi Gras day? 

I may get the boxes out of the attic the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I might have a few bags of new wrapping paper, bows and a few gifts I have purchased in the closet.  But you can bet this family doesn’t watch football on Thanksgiving day with the Christmas tree lit and presents underneath, and the “Smell of Christmas” candles burning through the house!  I’m just saying…75110_10150308623430315_888030314_15667396_7707097_n

Christie’s neighbors house…Nov. 3, 2010. 

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