Thursday, December 20, 2012

College Tours Controversy

These will be the only pictures of the many college tours we plan to take for number one son…the reason being that the Dad couldn’t come with us on this quick trip to St. Louis and I used that excuse to take as many pictures “for Dad” as I could!  It’s interesting to see what he is interested in a college campus and course curriculum.  Patrick is attracted to a smaller school and the physical looks and feel of the campus are important to him.   So we drove to St. Louis right after his last exam to take a look at St. Louis University.IMG_6854

This was our view from the hotel window…spectacular! 


Inside St. Francis Xavier Church…magnificent!  Now, of course I am biased…John and I both have Jesuit educations under our belts and SLU has a lot to offer.  The students had already gone home for Christmas break and so we had it to ourselves.  Patrick was the youngest on tour…my 16 year old and the rest were transfer college students!

 IMG_6866 IMG_6869  IMG_6875 IMG_6887 IMG_6890

After the tour, I took him to St. Louis’ hot spot for BBQ…Pappy’s.  It happens to be on campus and was delish!  Then we headed to some little micro brewery for a tour…I wonder if this place will make it??


I’ve got to say that if you have never visited the Budweiser HQ, make a point of doing it!  It was a great tour and very interesting.  It would have make my husband weep it walk these hallowed halls…

IMG_6899 IMG_6901

The barns for the Clydesdales was incredible…we toured with a group of 10 fellows from Italy and it was interesting to see and hear what they thought of the place…pretty impressed!

IMG_6905 IMG_6908 IMG_6914

Don’t let that lack of emotion fool you…he was pretty pumped to be here!


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