Monday, December 3, 2012

Impatient for Christmas Decorations


My friend Julie has amazing kids.  They are the hardest working young people I know.  Julie has been very busy with work lately and every time her kids would ask when they could decorate for Christmas, she couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer.  So one day she came home to find that they brought down all of the boxes from the attic and set up the family’s treasured Snow Village right on the dining room table.  They were so excited for her to see all that they did that she felt guilty!  Could I help decorate the rest of the house while the kids where at school to surprise them when they got home?  IMG_6814Julie’s wonderful Snow Village…IMG_6813

a delightful snowman scene in the corner…IMG_6811

touches of red and green everywhere. IMG_6815IMG_6817 I love all of her huge snowmen and Christmas trees everywhere. IMG_6821 I love this…their sweet nativity scene on the entry table…IMG_6822 The kids love their white tree at the top of the steps with all of the colorful ornaments Bright and crazy in the kid’s bathroom…   IMG_6828lovely and formal on the banister.

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