Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finally getting Crafty with the Boys

I always wished that at least one of our boys would have some interest in art…or crafts…or Scout crafting…or anything remotely related to my passion for artistic creativity.  But sadly, no.  It would be someone wanting me to be interested anything involving math and numbers.  We just don’t mix.  So imagine my glee when Patrick said he had a big AP Psychology project due that required some of my crafting ideas and help.  He and his project partner described the assignment to me and projected their ideas.  They needed to construct a diorama of a diner and label how it functions like the human brain.  Cool assignment!  With my suggestions on how to design on a computer and physically build it, they put it all together.IMG_1848Final assembly with a cardboard box base, glue gun and all of their clip art cutouts.  I suggested they include themselves in the diner activity to make it personal. 

IMG_1849 And don’t you know how much I loved it when they asked me for ideas to make and construct the little mini booths and tables, counters and check out counter?!IMG_1839Patrick posing for his waiter and cook action figure.IMG_1850  And here he is serving up burgers and fries…sure hope this doesn’t come true in real life!IMG_1853The interior and exterior of the “Brain Train” Diner.IMG_1852 They made the second highest grade in the class!

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