Friday, July 11, 2014

Hot Color Houses

I started class off by asking..."If you could paint your house any way you wanted, how would you do it?"  They started with choosing pieces of wood that they sanded down and chose an arrangement.  The kids got busy drawing their simple house on paper and were told to give it lots of detail and color!  

Sanding is an outside job and not very much fun...

but it's better than having splinters!

Planning the design and color scheme...

and applying it.

Choosing the colors of paint is the best part (after snack time, that is!)
 We had a great time with this project and especially glad its sunny and hot out today to help speed up the drying time!

Queenie and the gang with so many adorable houses!
Close ups of their hard work...
and they are ready to go home and hang all the good stuff!
Next session is July 21...girls only!


  1. so cute!! Wish I could have been there! You should do one for adults. :)

  2. I am starting classes for adults once school starts up..."Artie Partie!" Thanks!