Sunday, October 12, 2014

A "Bewitching" Birthday Artie Partie!

My precious little friend Peyton wanted an "Artie Partie" for her birthday this year and I was thrilled and honored!  Peyton loves a good birthday party as seen here and here when she was was turning 4 years old.  Where has the time (and her adorable baby cheeks) gone?  Her Mom suggested something for Halloween and I sent her a quick idea for her approval...that's how most things get started around here...with scrap paper and dried out markers sketches!

Check out this adorable picture of of Peyton taken by a very talented young really captures her spirit!  And that CAKE!  It tastes even better than it looks...which is fabulous!!

The girls are painting their banners green and will be copying the banner in the background.

Abbey has traced her legs and is ready for the next step!

Paint palettes are loaded with colors of the season.

Birthday girl Peyton starts to paint the witch's legs...

 and the girls talk about political ads on tv (of all things!)
while painting!  Oh yeah, and One Direction!

 Mammas are impressed with all that talent in one room!

Purple skirts, stripy leggings and 

big black boots make these witches adorable!

 All finished and ready to hang on doors and walls all over town!  What a great way to spend the day!

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