Sunday, October 12, 2014

There's Just Something About Candle Light

Last night was the perfect autumn all started with morning coffee while we watched leaves fall from the trees on a rainy, dark day.  My husband made a big pot of Gumbo and I baked a dessert for the evening's meal.  

Throughout the day, I  happily cleaned the house, got laundry done and shine up the floors.  That's what I love about this weather, our beloved SEC football season, and home cooked meals...all seems right with the world!   Good friends were coming for dinner and to watch football, it was still raining and cool outside, the house smelled of sweets and savories, and the fall and Halloween decorations made it all the more pleasing.  

I lovvvve to light candles when I is so warm and welcoming, and make our home so light up the flambeau, 'cause I've got some illuminating to do...there are candles everywhere!  They are lined up in the foyer, on just about every table, counter surface, next to the potty,in front of the food, on the mantle and hearth!  Can't. get. enough.

I'll spare you pictures of all of the candles, but my favorite thing to do is to make the fireplace hearth look like there's a fire with lots of candles when it's not cold enough to lay one.  

Just love it...but let's keep going...on to the mantle!

The more the better...until my son pulls me out of this fantasy life by saying, "I think that's enough candles, Mom."  Simplicity is best.

There is something magical about candlelight, don't you agree?

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