Friday, December 12, 2014

Mamas' Night to Craft and Get Crazy!

This was so much fun...7 moms carefully crafted an heirloom traditional style Santa Banner for their families.  It's funny to hear them start out stating they are not artists and can't imagine that what they will create will be anything they will want to display in their house...

but give them instructions, guide them along (and help them remove their paint brush from their wine glass every now and again!) they have created a charming Christmas Decoration!  The brush in the wine glass thing happens every now and again...I am guilty of putting my in my cup of coffee!

I decided to paint the canvases black to give it an old world feel and the Santa design reflects St. Nicholas with a basket of simple gifts and a tree design I found a few years ago on the internet.  You can see him hanging in the mirror below!

Ta da!  My friend Jacqueline is a whiz at making bows and made these huge ones for all!

Here's a close up...

This was lots of fun and everyone was so impressed with how theirs turned out!  Great job, ladies!

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