Monday, September 7, 2015

New Items Are Being Added to My Etsy Shop!

Now that life has quieted down a bit from summer craft camps and getting back into a regular routine, I am starting to design again for my shop and thought I would share...

Below is my vibrant fall paisley cross which can be painted in a range of autumnal colors to compliment your door...

and though this may seem out of season, I painted this precious thing for my new niece's nursery room with a lamb theme...

so sweet!  I am getting ready for the holidays so be sure to check back for more updates to the etsy shop and for upcoming classes!


  1. Eileen,

    I started looking at some of your art work. So very precious. When things settle down a bit over here I would love to order some cute things for Honor's room. Is Etsy the best place to look and order from?



  2. Hi Sarah...just click on the illustrated storefront on my blog page or go to We can start with something there or come up with whatever you want to compliment her room. Hope you are well! E