Thursday, November 5, 2015

How Did We Get Here So Fast???

So, my baby had a baby this week.  Not what you're thinking...he became father to a mechanical baby for 2 days via his health class at school and learned the joys of sleepless nights, worrying about babysitters and rearranging schedules to suit the needs of his family.  It's a great lesson and one that all young teenagers should have to experience.   

As soon as baby came home, he got to go with Michael to get 2 cavities filled at the dentist's office.  Dr. Ligon helped Michael name the baby (Nimrod) and got a lecture about proper and regular brushing.  Wasn't my own precious boy a baby not very long ago?  Just look at him... 

And today...NOT happy about all the disruption from his day, football practice sitters and the general nuisance a plastic child can deliver into your complicated teen aged life.  He had to keep a diary about how he was feeling at the time the baby cried...most said tired and mad.  I didn't feel that way about him during those days...good thing!

I got to wrap up baby Nimrod in a little back pack and cover him up with an umbrella for the last football game of the season.  He only cried once in the downpour of rain, thunder and lightning.  I look forward to being a grandmother one day...but hope that day is far, far away!  

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