Monday, March 7, 2016

Messin' Around with Mary Agnes

I recently spent some time with my adorable cousin Kathy and her husband Jim.  Kathy has worked diligently on her family ancestry since retiring from teaching a few years ago and I was so eager to see what she had dug up.  

I was amazed at all she had found on the internet and especially from very old newspaper articles.  They published everything back then!

She showed me this picture of our great grandmother, Mary Agnes Doran, with our great uncle and aunt taken around 1893 and pointed out the black collar she was wearing.  Kathy said she was given the collar and a few other items that belonged to Great I asked if I could see!

And, you know, you start to marvel and how well the pieces have held up over 120+ years and I wonder what that would look like on you, Kathy?!  So, of course...

she put on the collar and then tied on the immaculate apron and all of a sudden got the woolies and shook a was like she felt something all over her that tingled.  Hmmmpfh, I thought.  let me try those things on.  As soon as I put on the collar, I felt a weight on my back in between my scapula like a hand was on it and a warm sensation.  I kid you not...the old gal was with us that night!

Here's a close up of the fancy collar...

as I thought about all of this trying to go to sleep that night, I wondered what she must make of her great granddaughters trying on her precious things and thinking about her and the life she lived.  I would like to think she would be very happy to know we still think of her and still a part of the communion of saints on earth and in heaven.  I said a prayer for her...and then wondered what precious items of mine might be left for my great grandchildren to try on and marvel?  My aprons are covered in paint splatters...maybe my yoga pants?!

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