Monday, March 7, 2016

The Gilded Dining Room

My friend/client has a lovely dining room that needed a little "oomph" added to it...I would love to have a dining room this size and with these windows!  So much light!

Here's what we started out with...

She has great furniture in the room.  The two chairs by the buffet were given to her by her daughter who graciously painted one accent wall to compliment the green in the chairs.  We decided that they had served their purpose and went for a little more glamour in the room with gilding.

First step was to bring the wall back to the original color...

and going for something more like this...I created a stencil from the wall paper design that we both liked below and used that as our inspiration.  The lamps are on order and add some whimsy to the room.
I also recommended replacing the green parson chairs with the chairs above.  A glittery gold leaf mirror was found like the one above and as luck would have it, her Mom is an artist and she had several pieces to consider.  We kept the lovely brown silk drapes with coppery/brass floral accents and tried to choose a metallic gold paint to compliment that to stencil with...

we chose the second from last paint.

I didn't want the paint to exactly match the gold of the mirror or drapes.  I also didn't want the stenciling to be crisp and perfect...there are two wonderful antique pieces in the room and the stenciling looks somewhat old world.

The sheen of the gold metallic looks lovely when the light hits it.  The stencil is 12" x 20" and makes a bold statement.

She had this wonderful huge wood hand turned bowl in her kitchen and I complimented her on it.  I thought it would look cool if she would let me gild the inside of it and use it in the dining room...

It glows!

Not quite finished but shaping up nicely!  The stenciling is hard to photograph but it's there!  Love her chandelier, table and chairs...the two chairs we ordered look great with the existing chairs.  She will keep them on either side of the buffet to give that side of the room more weight. 
More to come!

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