Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy 80th Birthday to the King of Romance!

I had posted this picture of a birthday hat banner I made for my Mom's 80th birthday a few years ago on my blog.  Last week I got an interesting request from someone via my Etsy Shop  who wanted to know if I was the person who made these birthday banners and could I make one for a famous person who is turning 80.  I had not listed this item for my store and was curious who that someone would be...

When she told me, so many thoughts ran through my mind...

Did he know that I grew up listening to him croon on my Mom's favorite mellow music and news station, WSB in Atlanta, ALL of my childhood?

Would he care that I always voted for him when kids boasted about who did you like better, 
Tom Jones or him?

Would he know that the first person I was going to call about this order was my 83 year old Mom (who I could hear smiling over the cell waves when I told her that the King of Romance was getting a little somethin' somethin' from Queenie Eileenie's for his big day)

The man in question???

E N G E L B E R T   H U M P E R D I N C K  !  !  !

Then I had to explain who he was to my 15 year old!  

Here's how the birthday banner turned out...

The man has aged VERY well!  It was so much fun to look up his image online!

 He turns 80 on May Engelbert, have a very special day and I hope you had a blast at your party!  Life has been good to you!

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