Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Farewell to Trinity...Sniff, Sniff!

Our youngest has kept us busy this week with the final parties and assemblies for his graduation from Trinity Junior High School.  He allowed me to participate in helping prepare for the end of the year pool party and prom...I think he realizes that this is the end of mom's volunteering for the past 16  years in Catholic Schools and I am grateful he did. 

 It has been a true joy to spend time with the kids, their teachers and the many parents who have stepped forward in a thousand ways to make sure that the kids had all of their needs taken care of...they have all made such a difference in our boys' lives.

On Friday, they had a great time at the pool party!

Sunday was busy...we started with the Academic Awards Banquet at 5 pm.  These table decorations may look familiar...I created them for the same function for the school's class of 2010 and they continue to be refreshed and serve. 

We were wonderfully surprised and proud when Michael's name was called out for 
the Trinity Advantage Award...especially his Dad!

After the banquet came the prom...

More on that affair on another post!

Graduation was a few days later...and this proud Mama only managed to take a few pictures of the ceremony because she wanted to be sure to have enough memory on her cell phone to record his graduation speech on "Challenges."  He did a great job and we are always proud of him and his brother.

After the ceremony is crazy town... trying to grab him long enough to get a picture of the family because his friends want him in theirs as well.  

His friends are fine young men and some are going to other schools.  That's the sad part about growing up and moving on.  They have been classmates since they were "wee high."

Friends celebrated afterwards at a spot downtown...

We are going to miss Trinity, Immaculate Conception School and our wonderful Catholic school system in Fort Smith.  It's been a real pleasure and blessing.

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