Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shipped Out!

Now that summer craft classes are complete, the kids are back in school and I've had time to de-clutter the house a bit, I wanted to share a few of my recent projects with you.  

First is this adorable pup, Miss Baxley!  My high school friend posted her picture on Facebook recently to introduce her to her friends and I couldn't resist!  Just look at that face!  To celebrate, I sent this little painting as a congratulations gift!  My friend Mary sent me this picture when she received it.  

Here's the FB pic...Miss Baxley in her mama's office!  I don't know how 
anyone gets any work finished in that office with this fur ball!

I sell a lot of these fun birthday face banners on my Etsy Shop and this
little fellow's face just melts me!  He is turning one and his Mom requested a Detroit Tigers theme.  One thing's for sure...he's all boy and he's gonna break some hearts one day soon!

More mini houses...I just love receiving these orders and seeing the houses...this wonderful Victorian is in Inman Park in Atlanta.  The client wanted to feature her new home on moving cards.

A friend had me paint the family home for her father for his new digs...

I just love this door hanger that's on my Etsy Shop...have sold a few in different colors.  It always makes me smile!

I painted this pumpkin door hanger for a silent auction and listed it on my Etsy Shop and will also feature it as a door hanger to paint at my upcoming class for adults in early September...join us!  All I have to do now is create the flyer to get the info out!

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