Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gotta Love the Little Goblins!


I pulled out our Halloween decorations boxes over the weekend.  Setting everything out is something I can usually depend on our boys to help out.  During this process, we reminisce with stories of Halloween past, what costumes they will wear this year and if we are going to start up the neighborhood “You’ve been Booed!” campaign. 

This year was clearly different.  I guess the boys are getting older and not as excited to notice every little treasure we have collected over the years.  No checking to see if I placed something in the bathroom, or to smell their pumpkin heads buckets to see if they can still smell last year’s candy.  I don’t really think they even noticed that the stuff was set out until I asked…it makes me sad…our boys are growing up and will be out of here well before we are ready to say goodbye.


There was a time when Michael would have run while holding his breath past the spooky display at the front door.  Did he even notice the cockroaches and spiders I set out for him?Dec20090019Dec20090017 

True, there is a lot to look at here, I guess I am just decorating for me these days.  They still make fun of me for putting froo froo feathers and glittery junk in the Christmas tree.  Ol’ mom has got to toughen up!

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