Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Pays to B*$&h!

Oh dear…yesterday I blogged (tongue in cheek) that the dining room was a mess and my husband had let me know he was sick of it.  That and the garage…


Well, a new day had dawned and with it, again he reminded me how sick he was of it.  So, you know, wives being wives,

ADHD crafty girls being – whatever we are, I was gonna show him!

I cleaned out all of the party decorations that were piled everywhere and took them up to the school. 

I found things I haven’t seen in a few weeks under that mess on the table and am glad to get it out of here.  It’s a long way from perfect, but at least now I can see the table and floor!  I guess the fussin’ really paid off for my husband!


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