Monday, May 23, 2011

The Cute Cupcake Factory

My firstborn is getting ready to graduate from junior high this week!  Where did the time go?  So, the 9th grade student council decided it was time to have a party for the class after their awards dinner…hey, Mrs. Teagle -  can you help us with some ideas?


You bet! We worked hard to get everything ready but there was one last detail to finish the day before…we had to decorate 100 cupcakes with little mortar boards.


So here is the inspiration…mortar board topped cupcakes. Cute, adorable and a kid favorite. To save time, we ordered up the cupcakes and asked them to airbrush the tops with royal blue. To save money on the candy (below they used a mini-Reese’s cup, 2 squares of a Hershey’s bar, M&M’s, etc., we chose to use Rolo’s, make our own boards by melting Almond Bark and cutting into squares and then piping on the tassle with icing.


Patrick got us started by cutting the chocolate Almond bark into squares…


Cali assembled the mortar board with melted chocolate…


Paige piped on the tassels…


Stacy washed up after us…


Regan and Taylor topped off the cupcakes and packaged them up for the party…



and Aengus was not allowed inside for any of the fun!

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